The Accu-Scale 100 is a highly sensitivity weigh count system that accurately and consistently weighs small parts. It has been designed for use with an Autobagger, such as the H-100,  to transform your current operation into a complete weigh count packaging system.

The Accu-Scale 100 has been designed to be simple and accurate. Simply place product on the top, the memory storage displays when the proper weight is reached. When desired count is reached, flip tray is activated by operator and gravity feeds product into bag for heat sealing.

The Accu-Scale 100 is capable of handling a wide range of applications. These can vary from small and lightweight items, to parts that tangle or can not run in vibratory feeders.  Large stainless steel load table with capacity for thousands of parts.  Compact design maximizes floor space usage by allowing the unit to be mounted over an Autobagger.

Product is placed into the weigh hopper of this flip action weigh scale.  Once the scale is calibrated to determine the count per unit of weight, the number of items being weighed is indicated on the display panel.  When the desired number has been placed into the hopper, the operator activates a foot switch to dump the product into an Autobagger and initiate the automatic seal cycle.  Operates on 120 VAC.

Accu-Scale 100 Weigh-Counter by Autobag
Benefits gained:

This unit sits above an Autobagger bagging machine.  The shelf surface allows you to place a number of different items on it (nuts, bolts, pills etc).  After determining a sample weight of a predetermined number of product, you don't have to count 50 (or whatever the count needed) and put them in the bag.  You just estimate 50, place them in the weigh scale, and add a few more pieces or take a few off, which speeds up production.  Once the weight is reached, they are dumped into the bag and the autobagger cycles automatically.

The unit can also be used with other equipment such as cartoning, blister, or clamshell sealing machines.