High Production L-Sealer
- Heavy Duty Construction
- Very Good Condition
- Hot Wire Impulse Seal System
- Large 20" X 30" seal area
- Pneumatic Seal Head
- Powered take-away conveyor
- Magnetic hold down
- Heated hole punch
- Casters

This sealer matches up nicely with a Beseler T-20 Shrink Tunnel.  See Listing.
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Beseler 3020MTB-A Hi Production Shrink L-Sealer
Pushbutton Actuated High Production Sealer  w/ Takeaway Conveyor
Price:  $3450Reconditioned -- 30 Day Warranty
Max. Pkg. Size:     29" x 19" x 7"H
Pkg Speed:   Up to 15 pkgs/min
    (depending on pkg)

Power:220 VAC, 20 Amp
Air:      80 PSI
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