BestPack Model RS-22-2 Random Carton Sealer
With Indexer/Conveyor it will operate as an Operatorless Automatic Random Taper
Very Good Condition - 90 Day Warranty
Std RS-22-2 without Indexer/Conveyor Sells for $8167 New

Reconditioned Price: 
RS-22 w/o Indexer/Conveyor (Semi-Auto Operation) ...   $4500         (All Units w/o Indexer now SOLD)
RS-22 w/ Indexer/Conveyor (Automatic Operation) ......   $7500         (Sells for over $16,000 new!)
The BestPack® RS Series Semi-Automatic Random Tape Carton Sealers are built for speed and rugged dependability. With these systems, random sized cartons are handled with ease whether your applications call for a low profile top & bottom sealer or a heavy duty work horse.

Handles Random Carton Sizes
2 Side Belts
Extra 4" Carton Height Adjustment Available on Upper Assembly
Adjustable Bed Height from 20.25" to 30.75" on the RS22 and 23.85" to 30.75" on the RS23
Tape Roll Lengths: 1000 yd., 1500 yd., 2000 yd.
Heavy Duty Frame
UL Approved Electrical Parts
Rugged Construction
Capable of Interchanging 2" or 3" Tape Heads
Electrical on/off box can be mounted on either side of machine
Brochure for the RS-22
Plexiglas enclosure
PLC Controller - allows for automatic configuration
Low Tape Alarm
Side Box Compression
Top Pressure Plates
If purchased with Indexer/Conveyor as shown in the configuration as pictured below, this machine can operate as an operatorless automatic taper for taping random box sizes.  The Indexer/Conveyor creates spacining between boxes conveyed to the machine.  This machine does not have a top flap folder.  The top flaps must be prefolded before reaching the machine.  This machine was used for top taping only.  A new bottom head will be added for an additional $550.  Tape alarm set up for top head only.
Pictured above with the Indexer/Conveyor for use as an operatorless automatic random size box taper.
Picture above shows the Indexer/Conveyor that can be purchased with the machine to center and provide spacing between the boxes for automatic conveyor feed to the specially equipped RS-22 Taper.
Video shows a standard operator fed RS-22.