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Hand Held Sealers
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Sealer Replacement Parts
Clam Shell Hand Sealers - Ideal for Making Tamper Resistant Spot Welds.
The KF-772DH is an inexpensive Hand Held Constant Heat Sealer that is ideal for sealing clam shells.  Supplied with a high and low temperature control switch with power light and proportional temperature control system. Seals approx. 1/4" x 1/2".
The AIE-772 is a similar tool made by another mfr.
Used to spot seal OPS, PSP, PVC, and EPS food.
They have two temperature settings, 180 & 210 degree C (350 & 450 degree F). Handles remain cool during operation. The KF-772DH sealer can be used in the voltage range of 100 - 240v.  Seals most materials in 2 -3 seconds.
Aspal PT-V Ultrasonic Hand Held Sealer
Instant! Safe!  Neat!  Simple!
Adjustable  heat multi-purpose hand held ultrasonic heat sealer. No waiting time to preheat. Ideal for sealing thin clam shells or for tacking. To spot seal OPS, PSP, PVC, and EPS food.  Material is welded by using ultrasonics. It is safe and easy to operate. The sealing jaw is 3mm x 6mm. The oscillating frequency is 60 khz.

Constant Heat Roller Sealers
The constant heat hand wheel sealer is available in several widths. The diameter of the Teflon coated wheel is 2 1/4". It is ideal for sealing irregular Polyethylene and Cellophane packages.  As with any constant heat sealer, great care is needed in using this sealer.
Seal Polyethylene or Cellophane by moving the Teflon coated wheel along the material to be sealed. These versatile sealers can make a round, oval, square, or any other unique shape with a textured, mesh seal. There is an adjustable temperature range from 150 to 300 degree Fahrenheit.  The safety shield protects the hand from accidentally touching the hot wheel.  Units come with a safety rack.
Constant Heat Hand Held Crimper Sealers (often referred to as Direct Heat Sealers)
KF-150PS is a Poly Heat Sealer. It makes a perfect strong 6" long and 1/8" wide seal on polyethylene bags and other thermoplastic materials. The upper jaw holds the metal sealing bar with a 275 degree F sealing temperature and is covered with a teflon cloth. The bottom jaw holds the resilient silicone rubber. It seals polyethylene or polypropylene up to 6 mil thick. The unit is heavy duty with high impact ABS thermal plastic casting. Warm-up time is 15 minutes.

KF-150CST is a Teflon Coated Direct Heat Sealer, equipped with 2 heated 9/16" (15mm) wide and 6" long serrated jaw. It is ideal for sealing cellophane, coated aluminum foil, kraft paper, and coffee bags. The temperature switch has 2 temperature settings, 350 & 450 degrees Fahrenheit. This unit gives a serrated horizontal lines seal.

KF-150 series can be used by hand, on a table or by foot pedal. the pedal and clamp set is an optional accessory, which can be purchased individually. The sealer can be clamped anywhere on a table, and the sealing operation can be done using the foot pedal. No special stand and screws for mounting are necessary.

Model Seal Length Seal Width Seal Time  Sonic Cycle Source Temp. Watts Voltage Weight  Price
KF-772DH 10 mm 5 mm 0 -3 sec     Lo350°F
14.5 W 100-240 VAC 1 lbs $82.90
AIE-772 10 mm 5 mm  0 - 3 sec     Lo350°F
14.5 W 110 VAC 2 lbs $98.00
  6 mm 3 mm  0 - 3 S. 60 KHZ. AC110 V,
0.4 A
    110 V 2 lbs $495.00
Model Seal Length Seal Width Material Thickness Watts Voltage Weight M-Pak Price
HWS-803HW Unlimited 10 mm 6 mil 80W 115 V 3 lbs $162.00
HWS-802HW Unlimited 5 mm 6 mil 80W 115 V 3 lbs $152.00
AIE-RS1 Unlimited 5 mm 6 mil 80W 115V 3 lbs $152.00
AIE-RS2 Unlimited 9 mm 6 mil 80W 115V 3 lbs $162.00
AIE-RS3 Unlimited 1 mm 6 mil 80W 115V 3 lbs $152.00
Model Max. Seal Heated Jaws Seal Type Temp Max. Seal Thickness Watts Weight M-Pak Price
KF-150PS 6" x 2mm Upper 2mm Flat 275 F 6 mil 25 W 4 lbs $84.50
KF-150CST 6" x 15mm Upper/Bottom Serrated 350 F
450 F
12 mil 50 W 4 lbs $127.00
AIE-HHC 6" x 2mm Upper 2mm Flat 275 F 6 mil 25 W 4 lbs $88.50
AIE-HHCW 6" x 15mm Upper/Bottom Serrated 350 F
450 F
12 mil 50 W 4 lbs $129.00
PC Set     Pedal & Clamp
      5 lbs $33.00
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M-Pak Systems, Inc, PO Box 13544, Greensboro, NC  27415Ph:  336.378.6036 Fx:  336.378.6037Email:  mpaksys@bellsouth.net

Wand Type Hand Held Impulse Bar Sealers   (AIE-300PI, AIE-450PI, AIE-600PI, AIE-800PI)
M-Pak Price:

AIE300PI     12"   $386.00
AIE450PI     18"   $456.00
AIE600PI     24"   $510.00
AIE800PI     32"   $576.00

The AIE-300PI, AIE-450PI, AIE-600PI, and AIE-800PI are portable wand type bar sealers ideal for sealing large items such as photographs, artwork, posters, and prints for shrink wrap.  Seal wand has handle with trigger switch for impulse type seal.  Impulse wire hot only during seal cycle for safety.