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Click here to add a Hot Stamp Imprinter to your Foot Operated Sealer.
Foot Operated
Foot Sealer w/ Hot Stamp Imprinter
Single Heat Foot Sealers - Impulse Seal Element on Bottom Jaw
Impulse type sealers heat only during the seal cycle.  Ideal for most Poly Bag sealing applications.
Ideal for high volume poly bag and other thermoplastic sealing.  Specially manufactured to increase sealing production. Equipped with foot pedal activator, the user's hands are free to feed the machine, making them ideal for sealing large heavy bags.  Capable of sealing 15 - 20 bags per minute. The Impulse Type Foot Sealers come complete with pedestal, stand, adjustable worktable and adjustable foot pedal. 2 millimeter, 5 millimeter, and 10 millimeter sealing widths are also available. 
Equipped with a plug-in timer that controls the sealing time needed for different materials. Once the timer is set, it will give a consistently flat seal. Automatically beeps or signal light on the timer turns off when seal is done. 
Easy to operate. Set the timer, insert the bag between the sealing bars, press down the foot pedal, and release after timer goes off. Typical cycle time is .2 to 2 seconds.  To enhance the appearance of the seal, hold the pedal down for an extra second after the timer goes off.  Also see brochure files below for additional specifications. 
A Hot Stamp Printer can be added as an option to print date, times and other info onto your product. Other options available are Heavy Duty Work tables, Taller Stands and Tilt Head adjustments. All can be added to each machine for your specific needs. Please refer to the accessories section.    M-Pak ships all sealers with replacement parts kit at no additional charge.  Another reason to buy from M-Pak!
Foot Pedal Operated Type- Impulse Element On Bottom Jaw
Mfr. Model Body Max. Seal Max. Seal Max. Seal Width (mm) Watts Wt. Price
Style Length Thickness (lbs)

(in) (mil)
TEW TISF-302 A 12 6 2 400 44 / 9 $299.70
Brand TISF-305 A 12 8 5 700 45 / 9 $337.50

TISF-452 A 18 6 2 600 49 / 9 $344.25
90 Day Warranty TISF-455 A 18 8 5 1000 49 / 9 $378.00

TISF-602 A 24 6 2 800 68 $384.75

TISF-605 A 24 8 5 1300 71 $418.50

WN-750F B 30 6 2.7 1000 66o/s $472.50

WN-900F B 35 6 2.7 1000 74 o/s $648.00

56 $251.10

60 $280.80

65 $307.80
AIE AIE-300FL A 12 6 2 400 50 $265.95
Brand AIE-450FL A 18 6 2 600 52 $334.80

AIE-600FL A 24 6 2 800 60 $386.10
90Day AIE-305FL A 12 8 5 900 53 $295.65
Warranty AIE-455FL A 18 8 5 1200 55 $364.50

AIE-605FL A 24 8 5 1500 63 $415.80
Double Heat Footsealers - Impulse Heat Elements on Top & Bottom Jaws
For sealing materials and gusset bags that are over 10 mil and up to 20 mil in thickness. 
Double Impulse Foot Sealers utilize twin heating element wires, on the top and bottom of the sealing jaw, for sealing materials and gusset bags that are over 10 mil and up to 20 mil in thickness. These Double Impulse Foot Sealers produce a wide seal and fuses the plastic from both sides at the same time.  The Double Impulse Foot Sealer comes complete with adjustable worktable, stand and foot pedal.  Most models can be set up to seal and cut away bag selvage trim by using a round wire on one seal jaw.  M-Pak ships all sealers with a spare replacement parts kit at no additional charge. Another reason to buy from M-Pak!

M-Pak maintains a Tech Service Center for all your parts and service needs.

Double Impulse Foot Pedal Operated Sealers
Impulse Elements On Both Top & Bottom Jaws.  Ideal for sealing thick hard to seal bags.
Mfr. Model Body Max. Seal Max. Seal Max. Seal Width (mm) Watts Wt. Price
Style Length Thickness (lbs)

(in) (mil)

12 20 5 1000 34/27 $389.00
18 20 5 1900 45/27 $498.00
24 20 5 2800 49/27 $619.00
18 20 2.7, 0.8 1200 68 $1,012.00

Brand AIE-300FD
12 20 5 1500 56 $418.00

12 20 10 1500 56 $472.50

18 20 5 2500 58 $486.00

18 20 10
58 $567.00

24 20 5
60 $580.00

24 20 10
60 $675.00
Constant/Direct Heat Foot Sealers 
Continuously Heated Top and Bottom Jaws.  Good for cello, polypropylene, foil, and laminated construction bags.  Constant Heat type sealers remain hot between seal cycles.
These special foot sealers are excellent for sealing polycello films, humidity-proof cellophane film, coated aluminum foil, polypropylene, coated Kraft paper, and other thick or gusseted materials. Ideal for producing wide seals on heavier bags. Each unit is equipped with a temperature controller & beeper signal to notify operator when the sealing is complete. Each machine has been injection mold cast and electro static painted for durability. Some models available with Teflon coated sealing bars to keep the material from sticking to the jaws.  Each unit comes complete with pedestal, stand, adjustable work table and foot control.
Available in a 15 mm wide meshed seal pattern or a 10 mm wide serrated (horizontal line) pattern.   Both jaws are heated simultaneously so there is better heat penetration to seal thicker materials. 
Easy to operate. Set the temperature on the thermostat or the thermo-controller depending on the material to be sealed. Once the correct setting has been reached, consistent seals will be maintained automatically. Insert the material between the two sealing bars. Press down the foot pedal and release.
Mfr. Model Max Seal Lgth (in) Seal Temp. Max. Seal Wdth (mm) Watts Wt. Price
TEW THS-200 8 Up to 390 deg

38/9 $338.00
BRAND THS-200TC 8 Up to 390 deg

38/9 $371.00

THS-300 12 Up to 390 deg

43/9 $378.00

THS-300TC 12 Up to 390 deg

43/9 $405.00

THS-300S 12 Up to 390 deg

43/9 $378.00

THS-400 16 Up to 390 deg

45/9 $405.00

THS-400TC 16 Up to 390 deg

45/9 $432.00
AIE AIE-202CH 8 Up to 390 deg 15 250 44 $351.00
BRAND AIE-302CH 12 Up to 390 deg 15 350 48 $398.00

AIE-310CH 12 Up to 390 deg 10 350 49 $418.00

AIE-402CH 16 Up to 390 deg 15 420 53 $446.00

W-300DATS 12 Up to 390 deg

38 $472.00
W-300DAT 12 Up to 390 deg

38 $472.00
Click here to see jaw patterns for footsealers.
Impulse Heat Sealers are available in 220 volt AC.  Please call for pricing.  Replacement parts kit included, at no additional charge, with all impulse footsealers sold by M-Pak.
M-Pak is the source for Spare Replacement Parts for the following Foot Sealer Models:
AIE-300FD AIE-455FDV FD-450 KF-300F MP-18FTS TEWF-302 TISF-605
AIE-300FDC AIE-455FIT FD-600 KF-300FP MP-24F TEWF-305 W-300F
AIE-300FIT AIE-455FIU FFD-12 KF-300FT MP-24F5 TEWF-450 W-300T
AIE-300FIU AIE-455FL FI-450 KF-450F MP-24FTS TEWF-452 W-450F
AIE-300FL AIE-600FDC FI-455 KF-450FP SMF300 TEWF-455 W-450T
AIE-305FDV AIE-600FIT FI-600 KF-450FT SMF-450 TEWF-600 W-600F
AIE-305FIT AIE-600FIU FI-605 KF-600F SMF-600 TEWF-602 W-600T
AIE-305FIU AIE-600FL FIS-12 KF-600FP TCI-012F TEWF-605 WN-300F
AIE-305FL AIE-605FD FIS-18 KF-600FT TCI-012FW TISF-300 WN-450F
AIE-310FDV AIE-605FDV FIS-24 MP-12DS TCI-012FWS TISF-302 WN-600F
AIE-410FDV AIE-605FIT FIU-305 MP-12F TCI-018F TISF-305 WN750F-E-2
AIE-450FD AIE-605FIU FIU-455 MP-12F5 TCI-018FW TISF-450 WN750F-TA
AIE-450FDC AIE-605FL FIU-605 MP-12FT TCI-018FWS TISF-452 WN750F-TC
AIE-450FIT AIE-610FD FS-358F MP-18DS TCI-024F TISF-455 WN900F-E-2
AIE-450FIU AIE-610FDV FS-458F MP-18F TCI-024FW TISF-600 WN900F-TA
AIE-450FL FD-300 FS-658F MP-18F5 TCI-024FWS TISF-602 WN900F-TC
If your model is not listed, please call.