Conflex Model E250 ACHS
Automatic L-Sealer
Very Good Condition
90 Day Warranty
The Conflex E- 250 is engineered for efficiency with logic and precision. As product is fed onto the conveyor, electric eyes measure and advance it to the centerfolded film and sealing area. To prevent the next package from entering during the sealing cycle, the belt advance is temporarily deactivated. When the sealing jaw opens, the advance is reactivated and the wrapped product is discharged into the shrink tunnel.

Features include:
  • Hot tooled steel knife sealing system eliminates     wire replacement;
  • Lower heated seal pads for fast, reliable seals;
  • Fully automatic package length adjustments via     horizontal or vertical electric eyes;
  • Film selvage winder;
  • Adjustable height legs and casters;
  • Film cradle with power unwind;
  • Hand wheel for product height adjustment;
  • Perforator wheels for air evacuation;
  • Film miser/Film support bar
Max. Pkg. Dimensions* 15.5" W x 21.5" L
Production Speed Up to 35 packages/min
Machine Dimension 65" L x 33" W x 60" H
Net. Weight 750 lbs.
Max. Pkg. Ht 8"
Max. Film Width 27"
Electrical 220V, 12A 1ph
Caster Ht. 34"
Air Requirements (min.) 1CFM @ 80 P.S.I.
*Package height, width, and length are interdependent of each other.
  • Product is transferred by conveyor belt - no pusher
  • Top mounted control panel for easy access
  • Seals most films - polyolefin, PVC and polyethylene
  • Smooth product transfer allows wrapping of non-rigid products
  • Fully automatic operation requires little or no operator assistance
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