A completely modular packaging system, the H-100 easily ties into counting, weighing and conveying equipment. The Autobag® H-100 packagers are the most successful bagging systems because of versatility, simplicity, speed and price. The Autobag H-100 Bagger is an all purpose high-speed plastic packager. It dispenses Autobag plastic bags from a roll, opens and heat seals them automatically; rated up to 45 packages per minute with typical applications around 30-35 packages per minute.

P100 Printer
•  The low cost in-line solution to plastic package product identification
The AutoLabel™ P-100 is an in-line hot stamp Imprinter designed to work with your Autobag bagging system.
•  The P-100 is the inexpensive solution to printing product identification including stock numbers, codes, part numbers and simple diagrams directly on an Autobag plastic bag.
•  The P-100 is ideal for applications where large volumes of a single product are packaged. It cycles automatically with your Autobag® bagger, so it won't slow down your packaging process.

Printer does not include chase holder or type set.  Several styles of chase assembly are available, direct from Automated Packaging Systems, to match your print requirement .  Unit can use Addressograph type print plates with a magnetic chase assembly or type set in grooved plate chase assemblies (see photo of grooved chase assy with type below).  Printer uses readily available "Markem", or compatable, heat transfer foil rolls.
Sealer is in good operating condition and has been cleaned and seal head reconditioned.
H-100 Specifications:
Electrical:120 VAC, 550 W.
Air:  3. CFM, 80 PSI
Bag Size: 2.5" W x 3" L to
10.5" W x 22" L
1.5 to 4.0 mil thk
Pass-Thru:4" max.
Weight:     220 lbs.
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Automated Packaging Model H-100 Autobagger
with P-100 Hot Stamp Imprinter
Priced to Sell:  $4350Good ConditionReconditioned & Pre-Tested
This is one of two identically equipped machines we purchased at auction.  The photos show this machine prior to reconditioning.

The unit is equipped with hundreds of dollars of non-standard options such as CA-100 caster base, VL-100 heavy product support shelf, BD-100 bag deflator, etc.

As part of reconditioning, the equipment will undergo a general cleaning, some paint touchup, and lubrication.  Components are visually inspected and may be re-used if they are within specified operating tolerance.  Items normally considered to be expendable part items, i.e., Teflon covers, rubber seal pad, etc., will be replaced.  Missing parts essential to the operation of the machine are replaced to make the machine operational.  Machine will be tested and videoed prior to shipment to insure that it is operational but no extensive production test is performed.

Machine comes with a complete set of manuals for the bagger, printer, and options.  These are worth several hundred dollars if you had to purchase them from Automated Packaging.

Priced at $4350.00, this machine is an excellent buy for the money.  Similar unit would cost approx $20,000 new.