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Harlands "Proteus" 155-S Label Automatic Applicator with optional stand
Price:  $3800V. Good Condition
Designed to be one of the most versatile and
flexible applicators in the market place. Its
reliability and uncomplicated design make it
easy to operate, with a minimum of service
and maintenance.
• Easily maintained
• Variable speed
• Range of modular accessories
• Easily mounted to other primary packaging
• Capable of accepting most types of label
• Stepper motor drive
• Accepts most types of coding/marking
This pre-owned unit comes with a T-type adjustable stand.  Appears to be in very good condition.  The video above was produced to show that this unit is operational. The labels used in this demo were actually too long but were the only ones we had available to show that the labeler functioned when its photoeye was actuated to indicate the presence of a package.  Also set at a slow label feed speed to better show its smooth feed capability.  Driven by a stepper motor, its adjustable speed label feed is capable of feeding much faster than shown (specifications say up to 30 m/min.).