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Rebuild Kits 
Did you know ...
that the primary cause of poor seal quality on L-Sealers is the lack of good seal pressure due to burned and worn seal pads and teflon tape?
M-Pak's aftermarket rebuild kits can refurbish your seal jaw to like new condition.  Available for most common L-Sealer brands.
Cross sectional view above shows a typical L-Sealer configuration.  Top bar with nichrome seal wire and lower pressure bar (platen) with silione pad and teflon tape.
Good Seal 
Pad Condition
Bad Seal 
Pad Condition
The diagrams to the left show the difference between good and bad seal pad condition and how it effects seal quality.  
With burned and worn teflon tape and silicone seal pads, the molten film normally displaced by the seal wire when it melts/cuts the film against a good pad is not extruded to each side of the wire to form a proper weld bead.  Instead, the wire drops down into the burned/eroded seal pad and no pressure is generated to extrude the film bead.  The result is poor seals, film buildup on wires, cutting difficulty, reject packages, and lost production.

Refurbish your L-Sealer now with our L-Kits.  All you need to give new life to your sealer.  Available for most models.
Total Seal Bar
 Length (in)
Allied Automation /
Beseler Weldotron* Shanklin* Eastey* Clamco X-Rite**
0" - 39" $109.90 $109.90 $109.90 $117.90 $109.90 $109.90 $139
40" - 48" $116.90 $119.90 $116.90 $125.90 $116.90 $116.90 -
48" - 69" $136 $136 $136 $149 $136 $136 -
70" - 80" $142 $142 $142 $159 $142 $142 -
* Laminate Strip Only - Call for ceramic bead or dovetail strip insulator pricing.
** X-Rite Kits have two (2) wires with terminals rather than the coil of nichrome wire.
Aftermarket Rebuild Kits
Each L-Kit includes:
-25' Nichrome Seal Wire
-Silicone Rubber Seal Pad
-Laminate Wire Insulator Strip
-Hi Temp Adhesive
-One Roll Teflon Tape

Call for pricing for L-Sealers with ceramic backup insulator beads.
Prices: L-Kit Rebuild Kits for L-Sealers
Total Seal Bar Length = Front Seal Bar + Side Seal Bar
Nichrome Heat Seal Wire Prices

Teflon Tape Prices
Teflon Tape & Cloth
Poor Seal Problems ???
Rebuild Your Sealer with an L-Kit
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