Liberty Softwall Cleanroom Module
Class 100
This is a portable softwall Class 100 unit with steel tubular legs. The design of the system - which includes frame, motorized ceiling module(s), lights, static eliminators, and vinyl curtain sets up fast on your site without the need for special tools.

The curtain which is 20 mil. vinyl, extends downward to within 12" of the floor. This curtain acts as an air containment device to assure compliance with the class requirement of the unit. The 2'x4' ceiling modules supply air by means of HEPA filtration that is 99.99% efficient on particles of 0.3 microns or larger. The modules supply air is pre-filtered through LIBERTY's pre-filter material.  The frame is also primed and painted.  The lighting is from fluorescent light fixtures.  Lighting will supply 100-125 FTC over the work surface at a height of 30" from the floor.

Easy assembly.  Ships knocked down.

Liberty Industries' website at:
Picture above is of a similar unit - not the unit being sold.  The unit being sold is disassembled, palletized, and ready for shipment.
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