The LD-4C is a random/uniform pressure sensitive taper, designed to automatically tape the top and bottom flaps of a wide variety of box sizes.  Can be set up to handle boxes either in uniform batched sizes or in randomly fed sizes.

Its simple design insures minimum maintenance and is easy to operate.  Its small size and 120 VAC plug-in connection allows it to be quickly setup in any area where it is needed.  It may be used with packing tables or as a part of a conveyor system.  It is an ideal system with a quick ROI when used with one of M-Pak Systems One-Man Packing Stations.

M-Pak Systems offers replacement parts for these Little David machines.

This machine appears to have had very little use and is in very good operating and cosmetic condition and has been well maintained. 

Size boxes it can seal:

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Little David Model LD-4C Random Semi-Automatic Box Taper w/ 2" Tape Heads Reconditioned -- 30 Day Warranty