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Manual Case Erector / Tapers
Manual Box Erector
Easy Taper/Easy Packer
>  Semi-Automatic Box Erecting & Case Packing System

>  Folds & Tapes Tops & Bottoms of Uniform Size Boxes
The EASY TAPER/EASY PACKER is a compact case erecting, packing and sealing station. This unit features operator-assisted top and bottom flap folding which improves operator productivity.

The EASY TAPER/EASY PACKER is supplied with extended side rails, flap closing bars and a 48" "anvil" packing station. Sequence of operations is as follows: operator opens the case and manually folds the bottom front and back "minor" flaps. Box is placed on anvil to be filled. Once filled, the operator pushes down and holds the trailing "minor" flap while presenting the box into the machine. The box is pulled forward by the machine and all flaps are closed and top and bottom is securely taped.
>  3" Wide Tape
>  Customization to fit box size range requirements.
>  Machine modifications available include anvil width and length for specific requirements. In addition, this system is available for king-size shippers.

  Length    Width     Depth
Minimum Box Size:4.5"4.5"2"
Maximum Box Size:28"21"25.5"

115 VAC, 4 amps
Adjustable Conveyor Height -  22 1/4"  to  29 1/4"
Belt Speed -  72 Ft/Min
Shown with Optional Infeed Pack Table and Casters
Exit Roller Table Available (Not Shown)
Huge Cost Saver - Pays for Itself in Weeks !!
Contact M-Pak today with your box sizes and production requirements and let us show you a cost savings analysis using the EZ Packer System that will amaze you.
You can ....
...... eliminate premaking of box bottoms prior to packing
...... close top and bottom of boxes simultaneously in the same operation
...... pack a box with an untaped bottom while it is held in place
...... use it to erect and tape box bottoms only in a "premake box" operation
...... much more
> Other Bottom Flap Folding Equipment

> Inexpensive Packing Station Accessories
Brochure for MSLD22 Packer/Sealer (similar to the Easy Taper / East Packer)

Inexpensive Manual Case Erector and Packing Station combined to give maximum production speed.

Used with a semi automatic top/bottom tape machine, this unit can double production output with a quick ROI.

It also eliminates the need to pre-make boxes and store for packing.

Used in conjunction with a bottom taper it can be an inexpensive manual case erector to pre-tape bottoms of boxes to be used in pick & pack operations.

Model MBPF Manual Case Erector and Packing Station