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Operation of the Pacemaker Automated Gravity Slide Sealer is simple. After loading the product into the bag, the loader/operator simply drops the filled bag down the sloped deck of the Drop Sealer. Adjustable side guides keep the product properly positioned as it travels downward past a microswitch or electric eye to a set of holding pins that can be pre-adjusted for the proper bag length. A microswitch or electric eye activates the pneumatically operated sealing arm which closes and presses the top of the bag against a hot sealing element. As the bag is sealed, a stripper plate strips away excess material above the seal.  The sealing arm automatically opens and a jet of compressed air clears away the excess bag scrap. The holding pins retract allowing the sealed package to slide off the machine. The holding pins then automatically return to the up position to stop the next package in the proper location for sealing..

Pacemaker Model 624 Drop Sealer
Price:  $2990Reconditioned -- 30 Day Warranty
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