Shanklin Model A-23 Automatic L-Sealer - Reconditioned
Includes Vacuum Scrap Remover, Hole  Punch, and extra Film Inverting Head
Includes 90 day warranty                                 ****Excellent Buy - Buy the Best for Less !!!! ****
M-Pak's price of $12,750 is about 40% of what this reconditioned machine sold for new (~$30,000).
Fully Automatic Operation
Sealer Size - 12 1/2"W x 17"L
Speed - up to 40 packages per minute
Floor Space - 4 1/2' x 5 1/2'

The Model A-23 is a versatile, compact,  fully automatic machine that features straight-line product flow. Centerfolded film is dispensed from a power unwind to the film inverting head which turns the film inside out, leaving an opening for product insertion. With each machine cycle, the infeed conveyor brings the product to the insertion arm and stops. The insertion arm advances the product into the film and on to the discharge conveyor, and then returns to receive another product. The sealing arm closes to seal the package. When the seal is completed, the arm opens and the discharge conveyor carries the package to the shrink tunnel. Meanwhile, the next product is being fed into the insertion and sealing stations of the machine automatically. The machine does not require a continuous flow of product for proper operation. Changeover to different package sizes takes only minutes.
The Model A-23 is a compact machine for wrapping small-sized products at high production speeds. It is only slightly larger than a Semi-Automatic L-Sealer, enabling it to fit easily into most existing packaging lines.

The A-23 with its pneumatic product insertion system achieves the highest production speeds and the tightest wraps of any Automatic L-Sealer on the market today. The machines are simple, reliable, easy to troubleshoot, and easy to change over.
Reconditioned and in great condition except for a few scratches and abrasions.  We give a 90 day warranty on our reconditioned machines. 

This machine includes the following extras: Vacuum Scrap Removal System, Extra Film Inverting Head, Hole Punch, and Spare Parts Kit.  An excellent Buy on a Current Model.
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  • Fully automatic operation
  • Sealer Size - 12.5"L x 17"W
  • Speed - 20-30 packages/min
  • Floor space - 5.5' x 4.5'
  • Just place product on infeed conveyor - totally automatic
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