Shanklin A-4 Fully Automatic Shrink Wrap L-Sealer
with Infeed and Takeaway Conveyors
Air Table Product Handling for Smooth Transfer
220 VAC
Good Condition
PRICED TO SELL !!!          Excellent Price for a Fully Automatic L-Sealer
Needs Photoeye
Smooth Product Transfer
15" x 33" Seal Area
Fully Automatic
Up to 25 packages/min
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Used Shanklin Model A-4 Smooth Transfer Automatic L-Sealer with Air Table Infeed.  Handles product up to 20 - 30 packages per minute.  Seal area up to 15” W x 33” L.  Machine “as is” needs new product sensing photoeye.  Otherwise appears in good condition.

The A-4 is built specifically to handle shrink wrapping applications that require gentle handling of both single product and stacks of product, i.e., loose reams of paper, stacks of note books, loose product on trays, etc. Product is placed on the infeed conveyor which smoothly feeds the product in a straight line onto the insertion table which provides a cushion of air upon which the product travels. An electric eye senses the product and signals the insertion arm to advance the product into the film and on to the sealing area. The discharge conveyor raises to the level of the insertion table as the product is transferred, and then lowers when the seal is made so that the seal occurs at the center of the package. As the insertion arm returns to its starting position, it withdraws from the product area per­mitting another product to be conveyed into the machine simultaneously.