Shanklin Model S-24-B L-Sealer
This particular has the left-to-right product flow option.
Very Good Condition:  With rear mounted power film unwind with inverting head for high speed sealing.  Has newly refurbished seal pads.  (Right and left hand feed units available.)   30 Day Parts Warranty
  • Semi-Automatic Operation - with pneumatic seal jaw actuation
  • Sealer Size - 15"W x 33"L
  • Speed - 15 to 20 packages per minute
  • Floor Space - 4.5´ x 7´ approximately
  • Available with knife or wire sealing system
  • Available for product flow feed from either right (S-24B) or left (S-24BL)  
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You Tube Video of a similar S-24 in operation.  Courtesy of Sealed Air.