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Stretch Wrapper
Replacement Parts
M-Pak has replacement parts for:


Replacement Film Carriage Upgrades
Why buy new equipment if all you need want to do is upgrade to the newer "no thread" prestretch technology.  M-Pak has bolt on film carriage assemblies to fit many brands of stretch wrapper.  Let our tech people help save you thousands of $$$$$$$$$$$.  Contact us for a quote on a film carriage assembly for your machine.
Accu-Feed No Thread Film Carriage
Custom designed to fit obsolete Muller equipment (using VS II carriage design) where physical limitations prevent the use of current carriage designs. This product is not even available from the manufacturer direct. Bolt-on technology!
Strain gauge technology provides instantaneous film payout for immediate corner compensation reducing crushing of the corners and film breakage.
Safe and simple roll change. Simply open the door, pull the film past the door, and close the door. IT'S THAT SIMPLE!!
Elimination of mechanical dancer roller systems, springs, and potentiometers result in drastically reduced maintenance.
Elimination of safety issue with manually threading the film through the rollers while power is maintained to the film carriage. Electrical interlock powers down the carriage as soon as the door is opened providing the operator with safe working conditions.