Holdown Shoe Mounted on Conveyor
Ergonomic Tilt Table Packing Station with Holddown Shoe Feeding and a Top/Bottom Box Taper.  Ideal for packing tall boxes and items that are prone to tipping over in the box, i.e., tubes of caulking standing on end; books on end; cd's; etc.   No power required.  Box holddown shoe holds empty box while filling.  Filled box is tilted to horizontal and pushed into box taper for taping of both top and bottom simultaneously. 
  • Eliminates need to pre-tape bottoms of boxes
  • Eliminates storage space required to store pre-taped boxes
  • Speeds packing of difficult to pack items and boxes
  • Speeds up box taping and provides taping consistency

With the addition of a "Boomerang" Conveyor System", the need for additional personnel for case handling out of the taper can be eliminated.   ROI is a matter of weeks!

Bottom Flap Folder and Packing Station
Price:  $795.00   FOB: Mfr.
The BestPack® MBF Bottom Flap Folder/Packing Station with Rotating/Tilting Bed closes the bottom flaps and holds the carton in position while the operator fills the carton. The operator activates a switch that causes the packing station to rotate flat.  The operator then pushes the carton to the next station or into a top/bottom Taper.

The ergonomic design of the tilting bed provides more leverage in packing the cartons.

A great addition when placed in front of one of our flagship carton sealers.
  • Stand-alone units
  • Adjustble Bed Height from 24.5" to 30.0"
  • Will operate with any of our BestPack® adjustable or random systems
  • Air operated at 4-6 cfm at 80 lb. of pressure
  • No electricity needed
  • Cost Effective
  • Included one-year warranty against defects on all parts

Inexpensive Ergonomic Tilt Packing Stations eliminate awkward lifting and provide ergonomic comfort, as well as, providing a way to stablize product that tends to fall over in the box while packing, i.e. tubes of chalking, etc.  Conveyor top can be oriented to allow exit of the box from the rear of the packing station or from the side. No electric or air required.
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Ergonomic Packing Stations
Box Holddowns / Tilt Stations
Inexpensive Manual Case Erector and Packing Station combined to give maximum production speed.

Used with a semi automatic top/bottom tape machine, this unit can double production output with a quick ROI.

It also eliminates the need to pre-make boxes and store for packing.

Used in conjunction with a bottom taper it can be an inexpensive manual case erector to pre-tape bottoms of boxes to be used in pick & pack operations.

Model MBPF Manual Case Erector and Packing Station
Ergonomic Packing System