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Audion Titan Model 615-TJA Drop Sealer

Price:  $2975 (approx. 35% of List Price) Reconditioned -- 30 Day Warranty
This video above is the manufacturer's video showing a drop sealer with an optional "Bagmaster" bag loader to blow open the bag for easy product insertion.  Our pre-owned unit does not include the optional bag opener -- only the drop sealer.

3M-Matic Parts
Ideal for bagging of textile products, i.e., t-shirts, hosery, undergarments, etc. Also used for Parts Kits, Fasteners, Headphones, Mop Heads, Brushes, Tortillas, Tamales, Poultry, Ice Cream Cups, Popsicle Packs, Candy, Chip Snack Packs, Bagels, Paper Cups, Paper Plates, Plastic ware, Cutlery, Paper Bags, Publications, Weather Stripping, Art Supplies, Automotive Accessories, an more.

Can be paired with print and apply labeling equipment for bag labeling with bar codes, etc.  See "Used Printing & Labeling Equipment".