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C-Pak 320 L-Sealer & Weldotron 7121 Shrink Tunnel
C-Pak Sealer Price:  $1695 Very Good Condition
Weldotron 7121 Price:  $1095Good Condition
Price (purchased as system):  $2500.00Sold"As-Is"
The C-Pak Model 320 has sealing bars that are 20" long x 20" wide; adjustable dwell time & seal temperatures; variable speed takeaway conveyor belt to automatically send product to a shrink tunnel after seal is complete.  Requires 220 VAC, 20 amp single phase electrical supply.  Push button actuated with pneumatic jaw closure and magnetic dwell holddown.  40 PSI air.  Very good condition.  It has been serviced and well maintained by qualified technicians during its production lifetime.

The Model C-Pak L-sealer uses patented and advanced sealing technology to provide quality seals on both polyolefin and PVC films.  The seal cushions are mounted on four air cylinders. When activated, they press the seal cushion into the seal wire on each cycle. The seal cushions are self-aligned with a closed head and give perfect alignment on each cycle.  This eliminates the need for manual adjustments. This combination of heat and pressure assures uniform seals and is the heart of the patented Dual Pneumatic Seal System (DPSS™).  Shrink films cut, clean, and seal strong with virtually no rejects. Because superior pressure eliminates the need for excess heat, seal wires stay extremely cool. Being cool, they seal fast to give higher production speeds.

The Model 320 has a rugged welded chassis as standard. Heavy duty components are used to provide reliable service under the most demanding multi-shift operations. The action of the sealing head, seal cycle, and product takeaway conveyor are fully automatic. Safety features are built in to protect the operator. Two buttons must be depressed to begin the auto cycle. Once in operation, a safety switch automatically reverses the downward movement of the head if an obstruction is encountered. This feature can prevent injury to an operator who accidentally places an arm or hand into the path of the head. Another standard feature is the product conveyor which is self-tracking by means of grooved rollers and a V-backed conveyor belt.

Engineered to the highest standards of quality, the 320 is as good as they come in semi-automatic L-Sealers.

These machines are being handled by M-Pak on a brokerage sale basis and have not been checked out by M-Pak Systems.  They are offered on an "as is" basis with the understanding from the owner that they were in operating condition when taken out of service.  No warranty is offered.  If desired, machine owner will palletize for shipment but all shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer.
C-Pak Model 320 L-Sealer
Weldotron 7121
Weldotron 7121 Shrink Tunnel
Tunnel Passage Width:  16"
Tunnel Passage Height:  8"
Live Roller Conveyor Belt for Optimal Shrink

Electrical:  230 VAC, 1 ph., 7 KW
  • Heavily insulated for energy efficiency and cool exterior.
  • Adjustable air velocity control for optimim shrink.  Capable of retail quality shrink.
  • Adjustable heat pattern to maximize shrinkage.
  • Double layered curtains for added energy efficiency.
  • Adjustable speed live roller conveyor to optimize shrinkage. 
  • Casters.
This Weldotron Model 7121 Shrink Tunnel is described as operating and in good condition.  This model is good for medium production rate requirements and is a good match with the C-Pak 320 L-Sealer.
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