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Vacuum Sealer Repair Parts Kit
(works on some Tilia FoodSaver® models)**
M-Pak has had numerous requests for replacement nichrome seal elements and Teflon® coated cover material for use with vacuum sealers - particularly the Tilia FoodSaver® brand.  In response, we now offer a universal Vacuum Sealer Repair Kit that contains parts that are used on a number of sealer models now on the market.  These replacement repair parts are aftermarket parts and not those of the original equipment manufacturers nor are they approved by them. 

Included in this kit are:
  • One Coil of 1/16" wide x  5 feet Nichrome Seal Ribbon
  • One Roll of 3/8" wide x 5' long Teflon Coated Fabric Cover Tape

KIT PRICE:  ................   $19.90 each  (plus shipping)

Easy to use.  Simply cut Nichrome Ribbon to length and attach the appropriate electrical connectors (if required).  Electrical connectors not included.  These can generally be purchased to match those on your particualar sealer at local electrical supply outlets.  Cut appropriate length of Teflon tape, remove release liner covering adhesive, and apply to sealer.

** M-Pak makes no guarantee that these aftermarket repair parts will work on any particular model of vacuum sealer  -- nor are we liable for any damages or injury resulting from the inappropriate use of this kit.  If not satisfied, return for refund of the purchase price.

Foodsaver Repair Parts Kit