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Used Weldotron 5201 Shrink Wrap L-Sealer
Pushbutton Actuated Pneumatic High Production Sealer
220 VAC
Reconditioned - 30 Day Warranty
Less than 1/2 the price of a new unit.
Good Condition
20" x 16" Seal Area
Pushbutton Actuated
w/ Takeaway Conveyor
Seal Dimensions:16" x 28" x 6"
Lgth x Wdth x Ht

Max. Film Width:24"

Electrical:   230 VAC, 1 ph, 30 amp

Air:   14 CFM,@ 80 PSI

Production Up to 20 pkgs per min. Speed:
The Weldotron 5201 is a semi automatic console L-sealer designed to provide dependable long term performance in continuous production environments. 5200 series wrappers incorporate push button pneumatic sealing and automatic package discharge. With sealing head hold-down and product take-away automatically controlled, the operator is free to load a new package while the proceeding one is being sealed. Push button operation also reduces operator fatigue and permits untrained personnel to function efficiently.
5200 Series features include impulse sealing, adjustable temperature control and element heat compensator provide the adjustability required for optimum performance with all types of shrink film.

Push Button Operation
Pneumatic Sealing
Heavy-duty Construction
Handles All Shrink Films
Automatic Package Discharge
Automatic Cycle Control
Adjustable Heat Control
Seal Temperature Compensator
Stainless Steel Loading Tray
Quick Conveyor Height Adjustment

230VAC, 1 ph
14 cfm free air @ 80 PSI

1) Operator inserts product between layers of film.
2) After product is transferred to sealing area, operator presses palm buttons to activate sealing head.
3) The package is automatically sealed and carried by the conveyor into the shrink tunnel while the operator inserts next product into the film.